President's Message

Fellow GRCC Members,



Hello to all Corvette enthusiasts!    I don’t think life will ever be what it was before Covid but that is okay.  One can only look forward and all the GRCC Members are certainly getting off to a great start this year.  We have gone to Big Timber for brunch, Whitefish for the Big Sky State Meet (which was a blast), a Mystery Dinner and Coffee and Cars.   Lots of activities are being planned for the summer runs and get togethers.   My wish for the year is for all of you Corvette owners but non-members to join the club and then plan for some wonderful times with great people and Corvette lovers.    We all hear the common excuse that,” I am not a club joiner.”  I guarantee that joining our club will not be like any other club you have joined.   Our goal is to socialize with other Corvette owners,  have fun, and drive our cars.    Hope to see you soon.

President GRCC

Nada Bell